Fire at Nosler Rifles Traced to Underground Test Range

Nosler makes some kick-ass rifles and ammo. Only the Bend, Oregon company got its own ass kicked last week when fire swept through its ammo production facility. No one was hurt in the fire or attendant explosions. reports that “A preliminary investigation has determined that a rifle fired in an underground test tunnel at a bullet plant in Bend sparked a fire that set off a large explosion earlier this week. Fire officials told KTVZ-TV on Saturday the rifle was being tested at Nosler Inc. by an employee in a concrete underground firing range used for ballistics testing.” Howzzat? TTAG will call Nosler tomorrow to connect those dots. Meanwhile, “Nosler officials also released a revised estimated value of $2.8 million for the building and $12.9 million for the contents on Saturday but said its insurance company was not ready to release a damage estimate.” The company says it stored a “significant” inventory elsewhere, which will allow it to keep on keeping on while they rebuild.

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