Do They REALLY “Get It” In Gun Bustin’ Flushing?


  1. this song may be called GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING, and the irony of that is in what the song represents to us out here in Flushing aka Flu-shang aka Flushtown….u see, this song consist's of 12 mc's total…in order Nutso, Grand Larce, Aleon, Large Pro, Shogunna, Jiggz, Eyezlow, Pop-off Balla, Mic Geronimo and on the hook Big Ran, Modoe Man & GUARDIAN LEEP . Not only are most of the 12 MC's from different neighborhoods in Flushing, they're also from different ethnic backgrounds . Keep in mind that Flushing, Queens is one of the most multicultural towns in the world . With nothing more than territory and ethnicity seperating us from one another GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING celebrates the end of that seperation and proves that we are stronger together than divided . The video is done with artistic taste along with fun positive energy . Make of GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING what u will………u just can't deny how hott it is! This is a great project with a great cause done with alot of patience and hard work . If you can appreciate this project and what we've done won't you show that gratitude by purchasing GUN BUSTIN' FLUSHING for 99cents on i-tunes, napster or amazon . Each sale means so much more than just a dollar to us, all support is appreciated! THANK YOU!


  2. avatar Dee says:

    Def feelin the video, shit is fiya. Cant front, its not what i expected…..dont really hear about flushing mc's besides mic geronimo from back in the day…plus a part of me is from flushing so i gotta represent for these dudes tryna do something big….i moved from flushing a while ago (137-20 auburn baby) but flushing still run through my veins

  3. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Flushing runs through your veins? I'd see a doctor about that. Doctor . . . Detroit! Sorry, WAY before your time.

  4. @ dee i grew up in the auburn

    @ mr farago…….so what is your take on GUN BUSTIN FLUSHING? song/video etc…..

  5. avatar Dee says:

    @ MR FARAGO….Detroit? Name one MC thats even making noise Right Now!!! Oh yeah, you can only name one…Sorry…

    @GL….thats whats up, prolly know eachother n shit…

  6. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Theo Parrish.

  7. i checked out theo parrish, 2 different animals . he's like techno/dj/dance….this here is 100% HIP-HOP.

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