Cayman Islands Gun Amnesty = No Impact on Gun Crime

The Cayman Islands’ month-long gun amnesty ends tonight at 7pm. Meanwhile, gun crime continues apace. reports on the most recent firearms-related criminal activities with as much sarcasm as they can muster. “There have been eight reported crimes involving the use of firearms since the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service started its no-questions-asked gun amnesty . . . From armed robberies at liquor stores and gas stations to street robberies and home invasions, Cayman’s criminal element seemed to busy using their weapons to bring them in. The police will be revealing the total quantity and type of weapons collected during the amnesty but despite their best efforts there and a high profile campaign there has been a surge in the number of gun crimes over the last few weeks.” And so good luck to Omaha, whose gun amnesty program kicks off in two days (12 June). “Guns should be unloaded when delivered to the drop-off location,” reports. “If they aren’t, police officers will take the ammunition out for you.” Useful service, that.

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