Canadian Judge: Pot (Yes Pot) Smoking Guide Can Get A Gun

“A man prohibited from having a firearm for growing dope will be allowed to carry guns after all, but only when he is working as a hunting guide.” So how do you use a firearm for growing dope? Welcome to Pedants R Us, brought to you by And the things we will learn! For example, did you know that our neighbors to the north prohibit convicted marijuana growers from owning a firearm for 10 years? If you think about the security concerns marijuana growers must face, it’s probably an effective method for reducing recidivism, man. “Provincial court Judge Stella Frame granted a request from Wade Leroy Hart, who told the judge he has a job offer to join a guide outfitter up north if he can get his hunting licence.” He’s been framed! OK, so, here’s the kicker . . .

. . . the law allows a judge to make exceptions if prohibiting firearm possession would deny the person his or her only opportunity to secure employment. Hart told the judge he has been working to become a carpenter, but persistent arthritis and a shoulder injury now make the chances of succeeding in that field dismal at best.

Whoa! Dude! Dismal is the best case scenario? That’s like, what, mega-dire! But don’t get to thinking the judge is gonna let this one slide.

Judge Frame agreed that Hart has little opportunity to find other work, and agreed to the exemption. The firearm ban will be lifted until Oct. 15, when his offer of employment ends.

So a guy who can’t find work is, like, qualified to be a hunting guide? Hey everyone this Wade. Wade couldn’t get a job down south so he’s going to help you find animals to shoot and all. Sweet!


  1. avatar Donal Fagan says:

    Time to dig out those Northern Exposure DVDs …

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