Actor Jeremy London Kidnapped at Gunpoint, Forced to Use Drugs. Or Not.

Who? What? You know. Jeremy London. Griffin in “Party of Five”. Boyfriend of Julia Salinger, played by Neve Campbell. Campbell. The actress famous for her lesbian kiss with Denise Richards in . . . Anyway, there are no degrees of separation between this story and bad craziness. “London was fixing a flat tire outside a hotel in Palm Springs,” the reports. “When two men approached to help . . . After helping secure a new tire, the pair held London at gunpoint and forced him to chauffeur them around the city.” According to the official police statement, “The gunman forced London to drive to various locations throughout the city, purchase alcohol and use illicit drugs” (i.e. marijuana, crack cocaine and amphetamines). “The act is particularly egregious,” the LA Times opines,”considering that London is a recovering drug addict.” In fact, it’s not egregious. It’s preposterous. People, Mr. London is a junkie. Anyone ever know a junkie to lie about taking drugs? Well exactly.

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