Nyet! NY Microstamping Bill Dead on Arrival

New York State democrats pulled the bill mandating firearms microstamping (marking spent casings with a unique identifying number) after it became clear the bill wouldn’t clear the Senate. The move is widely perceived as a face-saving gesture for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been crusading for the legislation like a misguided Richard the Lion Heart. “Today Senator Martin Golden and his Republican colleagues struck a victory for gun criminals and a blow to law enforcement,” Senate Democratic spokesman Austin Shafran announced, as reported by capitoltonight.com. “It is a disgrace that a former cop took a walk from the chamber and refused to stand up for law enforcement and let politics get in the way of public safety.” Bloomberg also released a statement, accusing nay=sayers of listening to the “special interests instead of the 100 mayors and 83 police chiefs and law enforcement organizations across New York State who supported it.” Meanwhile, pro-gun groups are jubilant. As well they should be.


  1. avatar Ostensor says:

    Why does the fact that microstamping doesn’t work never enters into the discussion?

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