Happiness is a Warm Gun. In a Woman’s Hands.

You knew it had to happen, because in the karmic greater scheme of things, every action requires an equal and opposite reaction. Thus the militant, left-wing women’s groups that are virulently anti-gun (N.O.W., Code Pink, et all) have spawned a group in revolt of those values (or lack thereof): Ladies, I give you, Women Against Gun Control. I think I’m in love already. According to their website, WAGC is everything you’d expect from a bunch of women fed up with the politically-correct, sheeple mentality, Surrender Dorothy kind of attitude that the Left imposes on women. They are mad as Hell, and they’re not gonna take it any more. “It” being the idea that women are better left defenseless and set up as victims-to-be. For now, take a look at their website. But stay tuned…TTAG is on the case, and we hope to have an interview with their head hochos (honchettes?) ASAP. You go, girls!

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