Wrong Place, Wrong Time

The UK’s Daily Mail tells the tale: “When grandfather Peter Hesford collapsed while working in the garden, his worried family feared he had suffered a stroke. But the reality proved even more alarming. Hospital scans revealed that a bullet had somehow entered his eye socket and become embedded inside his brain. Astonishingly, the 61-year-old survived, although he has been left with partial paralysis and loss of speech.” How lucky/unlucky was he?

After examining the scan, consultant ballistics expert Giles Whittome said the bullet looked like a .22 round fired from a gun used to shoot rabbits.

‘If it had been fired into the air from ten yards away it would have gone through his skull and killed him, but fired from 800 to 1,000 yards it would have lost so much velocity it could only have penetrated soft tissue,’ he said.

‘So if he’d had his back turned, it would probably just have bounced off his head.’

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