Why You Should Never Make A Cop Angry or Nervous

Is the biker an armed robber fleeing the scene of the crime? A suspect in a murder? Meanwhile, notice that the plains clothes cop doesn’t identify himself as a member of the State Police until some six seconds after he draws his weapon, which he does from the moment he opens the door. Also, his instruction—“Get off the motorcycle”—is all wrong. If the cyclist posed a deadly threat (remember: he’s pulled over), the cop should have told him to place his hands on his head or the handlebars or something. How could the plain clothes po-po keep his eyes on the biker’s hands if/when he’s turning sideways, swinging his leg off the bike?


  1. avatar Duncan says:

    Are you serious? I know video can leave out info, but it appears he pulled his gun for no reason

  2. avatar Anthony says:

    Need more information about the situation. There is something socially wrong if we are teaching people how not to piss off a cop so we don't get shot. No reason to exit a vehicle with his gun drawn and I sure as hell wouldn't stop for a civilian who gets out of a car and pulls a gun. Took too long to identify himself and never showed a badge.

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