Why Gun Control is Besides the Point In Detroit

The Detroit News has a stunning if not entirely coherent report on the criminal state of the state’s criminal courts. The problem: heavy case loads leading to light sentences for violent crime leading to more crime leading to a heavier case load. “Jason Gibson’s freedom on the day he is alleged to have killed a cop reveals what some claim is a fatal flaw in Wayne County Circuit Court: an effort to reduce the overwhelming caseload with aggressive plea bargaining. Gibson, 25, had multiple felony convictions, a history of gun crimes, assaults on police and failure to honor terms of probationary sentences. After being charged in November with another gun crime and another probation violation, he was freed on bond in January. He didn’t show up for his trial in March, but Gibson was back in custody May 3, suspected in the fatal shooting of Detroit Police Officer Brian Huff.” Detroit’s revolving door justice system has left a family without father—and a demoralized police department . . .

“People complain about police response. But you need a motivated police force that is not feeling low because of the cliche of the revolving door,” said Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans. “A cop makes a gun and dope arrest, and two days later, he’s driving around the neighborhood and the guy’s out on the street.”

Gun control advocates bemoaning the effects of gang bangers and guns note: there’s your trouble.


  1. avatar Rick Ector says:

    This post clearly illustrates that the criminal justice system in Detroit is broken. There is no certain punishment for committing a crime here, as the judges are giving soft sentences, the Governor is closing the prisons, witness are turning up dead, and the police rresponse time is published at 28 minutes – abysmal. Residents in this town would be well advised to buy a handgun, learn how to use it, and to get a Concealed Pistol License.

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