Walgreen’s Hero Harry J. McCullough III Homeless, Unarmed

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) President Andreas Allen reckons that ex-security guard and Walgreen’s shootout hero Harry J. McCullough III faces “gang reprisal” because the armed robber man he fatally shot was a documented gang member. Speaking to pr-canada.net, Mr. Allen says Mr. McCullough has “great concern for his personal safety . . .  He is living on the road, sleeping at a different house every night and not working,” Allen said. What’s more, McCullough is still unarmed. “”We arranged for Mr. McCullough to get a new replacement handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer,” Allen said. “Mr. McCullough completed the paperwork on his new handgun and took a receipt down to OPD [Omaha Police Department] to register the handgun before taking possession of it, to make sure he was in complete compliance with city ordinances. OPD denied his registration because of a past citation for carrying a concealed weapon. After the City Prosecutor publicly stated he did not have grounds to charge Mr. McCullough, he again contacted the police to register his new firearm and was turned away.” Apparently, when it comes to abiding by the law, black is the new white.

“The city’s handgun registration ordinance has been nothing more than a tool used against average citizens to prevent gun ownership,” Allen said. “The Omaha Police Department has blatantly ignored state law over the past year, even as we tried to work with the police and prosecutor’s office to correct this violation. After conversations with both offices they refused to adjust their policies. They continue to make excuses even after a deputy chief was chastised by the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, and even after the State Attorney General released an opinion that they are in violation of the law.

“This is very disappointing,” he said. “I thought it was the job of the police department to enforce the laws, not ignore them.”


  1. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Folks, if the authorities do not want you to have firearms they have infinite means to prevent. It is unlikely that even if a law suit were filed against the police department and district attorney, courts would favor “no guns”. Even if a court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, ignoring the ruling would have no consequences. There is, however, one way to defeat corrupt agencies; file individual suit against each person involved in ignoring the law. The basis would be lack of agency. That is, individuals in positions of government authority can be held accountable for their actions if they are acting outside the parameters of their agency. Violating standing law or court orders is not part of any governmental “agency”, or authority. Police and other government agents who refuse to follow the law are acting outside their agency and cannot appeal to “immunity” as government agents.

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