Virginia’s Violent Crime Declines. Credit Gun Laws?

The Washington Post reports that Virginia’s violent crime stats fell by 9.7 percent compared to 2008. Underneath the story, commentators are hashing out the importance of Old Dominion’s gun laws, especially relative to neighboring D.C. and Maryland. USArmy9296 makes some good points:

I feel much safer having the right to protect myself and my family in Virginia than I do in Maryland. By legally carrying concealed in VA, I can respond to a threat attempting to kill me or my family and criminals know this. In Maryland, I only have one choice and that is to die. VA granted me the right to carry for protection because I provided proof of training, and passed a background check. MD would only grant me the right to carry to protect cash money if I was depositing large sums into the bank, requiring me to disarm immediately after. They’re more concerned about getting their tax cut than they are interested in allowing me to prevent the loss of my own life.

During the crimes I witnessed in Maryland over the years, the police were no where to be found. They usually arrive 5 to 10 minutes after the crime, and the 911 operator argues with you in an attempt to determine if it’s really serious enough to dispatch an officer. This is a problem even if the criminal doesn’t have a gun. This is what needs to be corrected.

The person responsible for self-defense is “self.” If those on the anti-gun side of the fence choose not to defend themselves, they shouldn’t try to force the rest of us to be victims, too. If the sight of a legally armed citizen scares you, just think about a gun-toting criminal coming into the establishment right after you get there. Your attitude will change about that armed citizen, who actually has the chance to stop your family from being harmed. We all know that the police are few and far between. That’s why he carries.

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