TWHN BS: “Our Borders Are Not Secure”

“Five Hispanic men authorities described as drug smugglers shot a Pinal County sheriff’s deputy Friday afternoon when the officer came upon them and a large amount of marijuana in a remote part of south-central Arizona,” The Jacksonville Observer observes. “A massive hunt that included helicopters with night vision and more than 100 officers, including SWAT teams, and search dogs, was pursuing the shooters Friday evening. More than one helicopter came under fire as officers rescued Deputy Louie Puroll, who was shot with an AK-47-type weapon around 4 p.m. MST, according to the sheriff’s office. Puroll sustained a flesh wound above his kidney, but he was in good condition late Friday at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.” And in conclusion: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pinal County Deputy shot during a stop,” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said in a Twitter message on the Internet Friday evening. “Contrary to what some leaders say, our borders are not secure.” Ya think?

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