The Truth About Guns: Retraction

In a previous blog item, I called into question the veracity of the facts in an article printed in The Daily Helmsman. I suggested that the author, Olivia Inkster, had fabricated quotes from a source whose existence I also doubted (after fruitless Google searches). Since publication, commentator James S. has directed me to an independent source (the Memphis Commercial Appeal) which confirms that the incidents described did occur. While we don’t know that the woman in the Appeal’s article did, in fact, provide the quotes cited by scribe Olivia Inkster, the rape victim was cited as an anonymous source. That’s an agreement that I must accept. I therefore withdraw my allegations and apologize to Ms. Inkster for any personal or professional harm my blog may have cause. The Truth About Guns is dedicated to telling the truth about guns. I thank our readers for keeping us honest and, again, I apologize to Ms. Inkster for the previous content.

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