Tennessee Guns-In-Bars Bill Reveals Flaws in Licensing Laws

A letter writer in The Commercial Appeal responds to the Tennessee legislature’s decision to amend the state’s concealed carry regs to allow permit holders to carry their piece into establishments that serve alcohol. While the mainstream media and other Appealing correspondents are plenty pissed at the National Rifle Association for mustering the last-minute support needed to save the bill from defeat, one Mr. Share reckons that, well, there ought to be a law.

After reading your May 7 letter about handgun permits and the laws governing them (“So glad we can feel safer”), I must admit that I had a lot to think about. The letter writer made some very good points.

You only need minimal training to get a license. You only need to show minimal skill to obtain a license. There is no checking on a license holder once the license is issued. To renew a license one need only send in a check. No further proficiency demonstration is needed. Even though a license holder can be around alcohol he or she cannot legally consume alcohol and still use their license. There is no legal way to check this until it is too late. The writer is certainly right. Government really needs to come up with better ways to issue and follow up on driver’s licenses.

Frederick Share


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