Tennessee “Guns in Bars” Bill Nothing of the Sort

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has a bee in its bonnet re: the “guns in bars” legislation heading towards approval. They’re pissed at the state legislature’s likely override of the governor’s veto of HB0233, which would allow the state’s 270,000 concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapon into a bar or restaurant serving booze—unless the establishment’s owner prohibits firearms. “Two statewide polls show Tennesseans are strongly opposed to the idea,” The Appeal asserts, without citation. “But the National Rifle Association, which won’t rest until there are guns in every honky-tonk, biker bar and strip club, has threatened legislators’ re-election efforts if the legislation fails.” From there, it’s don’t go there and vote these NRA-lovers out of office. It’s a short piece, with some equally pithy commentary underneath. This one from usn_retired caught my editorial eye . . .

It was never a “Guns in Bars” bill. It was a bill that allowed law abiding and trained, non-drinking permit holders to carry their handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol. The alternative is to leave it in an automobile where it could be stolen. The Commercial Appeal has done a disservice to our community by distorting and twisting the language of the bill in order to create a panic and misconception. I cannot understand the logic of making laws that inhibit legal carry, while doing nothing to prevent illegal carry. Folks, it’s not me that you need to worry about. I already sit next to you in church and at many restaurants. I spent over 24 years in the U.S Military defending the right of free speech. The Commercial Appeal is abusing this right. Happy Memorial Day to all.

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