Ted Nugent: “My Gun Control”

Despite this relatively somber photo (we owe it to Ted after the Indian headdress shot in the last Nugentonian post), Ted Nugent is the NRA’s court jester. Jester? He just met her. But seriously folks, folks are supposed to take the Motor City Madman’s pro-gun rants seriously. I suppose. It’s no easy task, given that he’s about as politically astute—and correct—as a cigar smoker in a maternity ward. I bet he’d LOVE that one. So Ted wrote an editorial for the Washington Times; the Moonie-owned paper that recently told Chicago to ditch its gun laws to arm its populace to reduce gun violence (which the NRA kinda sorta maybe thought was a fairly good idea ish). Now you can link over to the Times for the whole thing which celebrates guns, freedom, the founding fathers and a nice little Jewish deli on Russell Street. (kidding) Or you can scan TTAG’s fair use version. Neither makes much sense. Both are amusing. [Gun] dealer’s choice.

The vast majority of sensible people will . . . never be controlled for the sake of the . . . The National Rifle Association (NRA).

. . . never in the history of mankind have more people possessed more firepower . . . This is what the NRA stands for . . . To deny this is evil personified.

We have examined all the evidence we could possibly need to know that . . . gun control a la Ted Nugent . . . means it is mine, you can’t have it . . .

President Obama can . . . drive a bad guy nuts. Then shoot him.


  1. "Gun-free zones are a felon's playground."

    Can't argue with that.

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