Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan [Not Shown] Drafted Clinton Semi-Auto Weapons Ban Memo

Ruh-roh. President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, non-judge Elena Kagan, lacks a little something in the gun rights department. To quote another TV character, surprise, surprise, surprise! A liberal who likes a weapons ban. Who knew? The Wall Street Journal serves up a pdf from the Clinton Library, which reveals that Ms. Kagan “helped draft a presidential directive Clinton signed that suspended imports of semiautomatic assault weapons for 120 days.” Of which I’ll share with you (click here to download). On the other hand, Kagan’s down with the Supreme’s Heller decision, overturning Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban. In written answers to Congressional questions prior to her appointment as Solicitor General (a Gilbert and Sullivan production), Kagan said the decision was “entitled to my respect.” Is it me, or are those the most condescending four words ever uttered? Sorry. Don’t mean to cavil. The Journal points out that the NRA’s opinion probably won’t count for toffee anyway. The gun rights group opposed Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination. To no appreciable effect.

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