“Suge Knight is a businessman. He is not a person who would carry a gun or flash a gun at anybody”

Police released former Suge Knight on $65,000 bail after charging the former Death Row Record Label CEO with assault with a deadly weapon. The arrest came after LAPD received a tip that Suge flashed his gat during what the cops call “an altercation.” The po-po surrounded Suge’s Cadillac Escalade with guns drawn early this morning. Suge’s lawyer, Marc Brumer, said the whole thing was a simple misunderstanding. Of some sort. “He’s innocent, 100 percent,” Brumer said in a phone interview. “Suge Knight is a businessman. He is not a person who would carry a gun or flash a gun at anybody. That’s not Suge Knight . . . There was never a gun found. He was very cooperative, answered all the questions police had, and we just feel that he shouldn’t have been arrested . . . There are a lot of people that hate (Knight) and are jealous of what he has obtained in his life.” Except the police attention, presumably. Then again, you can’t buy that kind of street cred. Can you?


  1. avatar Jim Sutherland says:

    Perhaps if Suge was the former CEO of the label that produces the Mormon Tabernacle Choir library of music, he would raise fewer eyebrows in his private life. Death Row Records were all about the gat and its multiple uses during his tenure, so one might assume the guy liked guns in a practical, business and artistic sense. If nothing else, it would draw suspicion to the guy when a weapon issue arises. 100% innocence got a rough ride from OJ, so now we are a little skeptical about the phrase.

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