Stray Rifle Bullet Nearly Takes Out Boulder, Colorado Crime Scene Investigator Jeff Boxer

Jeff Boxer is a crime scene analyst. When the Boulder (Colorado) resident heard a big ass bang and saw the hole in his window and wall, it didn’t take him long to realize that a bullet had whizzed through his house. Deducing that the bullet might have come from the private gun club situated some 150 yards from his home (no flies on this guy), Boxer dug out a bullet and called the Sheriff for a sit down. Boxer seems happy enough, now. But this is a magazine full of not good for the Boulder Rifle Club. Boulder County is not exactly what you call a pro-gun environment. The Club may have a seven-year-plus waiting list, but it also has a lot of politically astute neighbors who would love to see it move, with new ammunition to force it to do just that.


  1. avatar UnclePete says:

    The club I belong to is spending a fair amount of money this year to update our safety berms and other improvements to make sure that sort of stuff doesn't happen.

    Even though I live in a generally gun-positive state, a bullet hitting someone's house would end the club pretty quickly.

  2. avatar Steve says:

    This is quickly being unraveled as a hoax. The bullet trajectory is wrong to have originated at a range 1.5 miles away, even for an arc shot at 45 degrees. This guy is being quickly exposed as a fraud who made up the claim to further his own agenda of getting this 50 year old range closed down since he didn't bother to check what was around his house before moving in.

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