Russians Testing AK-47 Replacement: AK-200 [Not Shown]

Romania’s reports that the Russian military have begun field testing a replacement for the legendary AK-47. “The new model of the legendary assault rifle, the AK-200, is based on the AK-74M and differs in weight (3.8 kilograms/8.4 lbs vs. 3.3 kilograms/7.3 lbs) and the magazine capacity (30, 50, 60 rounds vs. 30).” Last year, the Ruskies reckoned the new AK would be “40 or 50 percent more efficient than its predecessor.” The news comes straight from Izhmash Director General Vladimir Grodetsky, last heard eulogizing the man behind the AN-94: small arms designer and doctor of technical sciences Gennady Nikolaevich Nikonov [above]. “It happened so that everything, created in the field of small arms for the last 60 years, was created in Izhevsk,” Gordetsky said at the time. “Much of that Izhevsk gunsmith’s glory belongs to Gennady Nikonov. This monument is a tribute to his memory and a sign of respect to all Izhevsk arms makers. We will remember him and realize ideas and projects he started.”


  1. avatar mehranbiz says:

    Russians are the biggest invenor of most reliable weapons they concentrate on reliability other than beauty,
    I hope a piece of AK200 for my self to keep with me as from Russia with love

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