Retired Winnipeg Cops Bash Brass in Gun Registry Battle

Sorry for scraping 8/9ths of that headline from but needs must. And Canadian cops must support the continuation of the country’s Long Gun Registry, or face the consequences from their political paymasters. That’s what some unmuzzled ex-cops claim, even though they tempered their remarks by accusing their former bosses of being out of touch with real policing. “Three former senior Winnipeg police officers broke ranks with the organizations representing cops across the country Thursday, to voice their support for a Manitoba MP’s private members bill to scrap the controversial long gun registry . . .

Retired Winnipeg Police Inspector Jack Tinsley called the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and Canadian Police Association ‘political’ and ‘not in touch with what is taking place on the streets’ during dueling press conferences in Ottawa.

So who’s winning the battle to convince the public to keep making sense / stop wasting money?

Whenever you hear the IOP argument (“If One Person . . .”), you know its wielder is in deep doo-doo.

“If the registry can prevent one person in this country from either committing suicide, from being injured or killed, or that a crime is solved as a result of information obtained by the registry,” Charles Momy, president of the Canadian Police Association asked at his mike fest, “Then isn’t that worth it for all Canadians?”

Is that a trick question? Yes.

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