Question of the Day: Do You Have an Emergency Plan for a Home Invasion?

Carson Mansion

Grab a gun, shoot the invader? Uh, no. Something a little more sophisticated, perhaps. I’ve been speaking with an Army vet who “hardened” targets in Iraq. We’re talking about setting up a tactical security service for homeowners. (Need something to pay the bills until TTAG gets on its feet, financially.) We’d come to your house and see it from the perspective of a home invader/burglar. We’d recommend ways to make it more difficult for them to gain entry, evaluate and test (and install if ncessary) the alarm system. We’d then devise a home defense strategy. If the client’s game, we’ll add a firearms element—based on the structure and the client’s lifestyle and abilities. We’d guide them through the legal ins and outs of firearms ownership, then help them purchase the right weapon (if needs be) and train them on a regular basis on how to use it. But it’s all based on The Plan: what they’re supposed to do in a home invasion scenario given their physical surrounds. Got one?


  1. avatar Arthur Steadman says:

    My security plan is to make my house look worthless. I haven't painted it in 10 years. Broken windows stay broken. I mow the weeds once a month whether they need it or not. I have a cement frog who sites cross-legged on a toad stool playing the guitar front and center in the front yard. My two cars are old, rusted-through and paid for, complete with "protected by ArmaLite" bumper stickers. I'm feeling pretty sure that any tough guys walking past will put some coins in the coffee can labelled "anything helps" that I keep by the sidwalk. Did the Addams family give you permission to use that photo of their house?

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