Pot Growers in Shotgun Shakedown

Chieftan.com reports that three shotgun-wielding robbers invaded the home of a Pueblo, Colorado man and stole prescription medicine, money, a purse, a laptop, a cellphone and a marijuana plant. Yes, well, there is that. Officer Barbara Dyleski told the paper that the victim of the attack “has applied for his medical marijuana card and was growing marijuana in his home . . . and [the] suspects stole one of his plants.” Dude, WHY WOULD YOU ADMIT THAT? Unless of course, you were high. Which would account for the homeowner’s account of the invasion. “The suspects reportedly told the victims, ‘We’re the law, and the police are coming right behind us,’ and ‘I’m an officer of the law, and your dad has done some really bad things,’ and ‘this is a legal robbery.'” Police recovered a 20-gauge shotgun shell from the victims’ yard. So . . . the robbers were stoned too? Anyway, those of you contemplating growing medical Mary Jane have been warned: criminals like the good shit, too.

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