Open Carry Advocate Released on $100k Bail For Attempted Murder

You may recall that Open Carry advocate Jesus Gonzalez was charged with murder, after gunning down one Danny John. The judge has released Mr. Gonzalez on $100,000 bail, on condition that he not possess any dangerous weapons (pens?). The real action at this point is in the comments sections of various websites, where gun rights advocates and gun control supporters are duking it out for the future of the free world. Some of the debate at is measured, reasoned and respectful. Which makes for a refreshing change. EvanEvan for example:

The argument for concealed weapons is crazy, you are basically saying you trust everyone around you to make the right decisions both legally and ethically (which would never happen). At least if you reduce access and allowance of guns it makes it harder for stressed and angry people (who are the majority of Americans) from getting guns.

The other problem is, if I’m allowed a weapon and you’re allowed a weapon, as violence escalates more people will try to out-do each other in bigger and more deadly weapons.

If the argument is about “protecting yourself from the government” (as the 2nd ammendment was intended), how is your right to a handgun or shotgun going to stop tanks, aircraft, bombs and other weapons commonly held by our government military?

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