Obscure Object of Desire: Gemini Custom Model 66-5 K Frame

I’m in the market for a wheel gun. A no-brainer home defense handgun. I want something with minimal recoil, in case Her Indoors needs to use it. It must also have low enough recoil—and great enough accuracy—that the revolver invites regular range time. So that whichever adult member of Farago Family East becomes proficient enough to use the handgun effectively. I also want it to have a classic all-stainless steel (or all-black) look to it. As I remind the girls (in a largely vain attempt to get them to say “please”), I want, I want. But seriously, I do. As you know, choosing a gun, any gun, is The Art of Noise. I mean,The Art of Compromise. Take it Tom! You don’t have to be rich to be my girl. But you DO have to be rich to afford a really good gun of any stripe. And the ballistic apple of my revolving eye costs, uh, a lot.

Gemini Customs Crayola-colored website indicates they’ve got that whole Smith & Wesson recoil thing sorted with their Hybra-Port™ V6 and V8 system. D’oh! I could have had a V8. Well, if I was made of money. That’ll be one left testicle, please. Or $1745.95 for “Our Ultimate J-Frame.” What do you mean OUR? I send the money, you send the gun and then it’s MINE MINE MINE!

Ahem. The wheelgun that’s doing it for me, the Gemini Custom Model 66-5 K Frame, is not priced. So I’m thinking it’s, what, a couple of hundred bucks? Or more. A bit more. A lot more. A lot more and then some. But really, I want this gun on my wall. I NEED this gun on my wall.

Alternatively, the Custom Model 686 is sick. Also unpriced. Phone calls and emails to follow. Roll on Monday. By the way, I’m a Cancer. But I reckon I might Libra-rate some cash for either or these revolvers. If the price is right.


  1. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    Hey – any good gunsmith can port a S&W for you. And for a lot less than your left nut.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Port, starboard. LOOK AT THE THING. Magic feather time bro'.

  3. avatar Chad Cassetty says:

    That particular 686 has been my Holy Grail since the first day I saw it. What was the outcome? I’m sure they’d duplicate it – for a price. One that, outside of a deal with the devil, I would not be able to afford.

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