NRA: Hexolit32 Expanding Shotgun Ammo. Ouch!

Our friends at gives us the inside dope on the shotgun ammo our man Kozak encountered at the NRA convention. We’ll have a full report/test just as soon as we can hit them up for some free samples. Otherwise, to you and me, it’s $12.69 for a box of five. Video review here.

This is 12ga. DDupleks 2 3/4″ 1 1/8oz Expanding Shotgun Ammo. The Hexolit 32 is a variation of the DUPO28 and is also a slug with an extremely enormous impact effect. When hitting the body, the frontal part of the slug instantly increases from 18.5 to 36-38 mm in diameter – this is the largest slug expansion diameter ever known. It creates an entrance hole with a 3.5 cm diameter, hits powerfully with all its expansion area and disintegrates into six symmetric splinters – essentially becoming six individual blades. The splinter cone causes an extensive area of damage. The unified effect of a hydrodynamic and pneumatic shockwave inside the body, along with splinter damage, ensures a unique instant stopping effect with the Hexolit 32 slug, which provides good results even with imperfect hits. This ammo comes packed in 5 round boxes/50boxes to a case.


  1. avatar Daniel T says:

    These are very interesting. I’d love to see some ballistics gel tests out of curiosity.

  2. avatar Jacob Peterson says:

    I would love to see a review, and where I can order some. This looks like the ideal hd and shtf ammo

  3. avatar Lee castleberry says:

    I have shot these rounds and now have them in my shotgun while on duty. At 15 yards I fired one at a railroad tie and it blew out a piece about 8 inches in diameter and 2 in. thick out the back and I could see 4 holes where the smaller pieces came out. Now I need to find some place to buy some. My boss also would like to purchase some.

      1. avatar Anthony E Wyels says:

        Thank you.I’ll be buying a few boxes asap.

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