NRA Convention: Feisty Fausti: Service With a Smile?

Italian gun maker Fausti thought they had all their ducks in a row when they first brought their products stateside: style, heritage, a rep for quality and a big ass retailer (Cabela’s). Only one piece was missing: service. D’oh! Back in ’07, commentator Diamond Grade fell afoul of Fausti’s failure to fix, uh, problems. No one would take responsibility for the fact that his Fausti was f-ed up. Specifically, “the break lever will not stay to right so that you can close it and the single selective trigger is malfunctioning.” Suitably chastened, the Italian shotgun-maker opened a full-service repair center in Virginia. As a sign of their renewed commitment to The Land of The Free and the Home of the Kvetchers, they’re bringing in the new-to-U.S. Caledon over/under. I’m not quite sure how the Italian shotgun maker decided on the name, given that there’s a “Caledon” in County Tyrone, Ireland; Ontario, Canada; Western Cape, South Africa; and Amhem Land, Australia. Anyway, the new over/under’s available in a range of gauges: 12 (7.25 pounds), 16 (6.4 pounds), 20 (6.3 pounds), 28 gauge (5.8 pounds) and .410 bore ((5.9 pounds). All models come in a 30”, 28” or 26” barrel. Fausti’s priced the new Caledon at a hefty not to say ambitious $1,999. Here’s hoping they can back that up.


  1. avatar Matt says:

    Hi I was looking at a shotgun made by fausti. But I can not find a review on this gun anywhere. It’s a model conrad. The only thing I can think it could be is that. This model isn’t an actual north American model. Instead it’s a UK model. And if it is UK is it still possible to get parts/repair for this gun in Canada.

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