New York to Make Carrying A Firearm While Intoxicated (CWI) A Crime

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a major hard-on for gun control. Not satisfied with not closing the gun show loophole or plugging the terrorist gap, the pol wants to create a new crime: carrying while intoxicated (CWI). His Police Commissioner is down with that. “If automobiles are dangerous with a drunken driver behind the wheel, it should be obvious and subject to tough penalties when a drunk puts a gun in his hand,” he said pointing out that gun holders caught drunk would also faced losing their license. That’s the shtick—I mean, stick. The New York Post reports the carrot: The CWI legislation is part of a package of improvements announced by Bloomberg yesterday designed he said to streamline the NYPD’s license application process allowing New Yorkers seeking handguns, rifles and shotguns in the Big Apple. The Mayor said the changes – some requiring City Council approval — will free-up the NYPD to focus more resources on background investigations of prospective weapon holders.” So . . . what streamlining? No se. TTAG is investigating. Meanwhile, who’s going to breathalyze Mayor Bloomberg’s bodyguards?

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