New Remington R1 1911. And?


  1. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    The Remington booth was packed – and it took me two days to finally get hold of the right person to talk to about getting us guns for review. On the good side, Remington is more than willing to get us guns, including their new 1911. On the bad side, the 1911 is not yet shipping – these were all "pre-production samples" shown at the NRA show. And they aren't sure just when they'll have shipping versions…and a few set aside for reviewers. As such, we may be looking at weeks – or longer – before I (um…did I say "I"…I meant "we") can get our mitts on one.

    Shooting one will be interesting. While Remington did add in non-mil-spec features like the lowered and flared ejection port and better sights, the one feature left off the gun was a beavertail grip safety. And that's the one feature that will save the webbing betwixt thumb and finger from getting hammer-slammed. A curious feature to miss. And a curious strategy – can the Big R really do 1911's better than everybody else, given that they are something of a commodity, and the market for custom shop quality at stock production prices is, um, pretty crowded? Stay tuned…

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