Navy SEAL or Bust

The supplied weapon is an M4 CQBR (Close Quarter Battle Rifle) it has a barrel length of 10.3 inches and fires the standard 5.56mm ammunition. The weapon is a favourite with Navy Seals and with the DEVGRU (US Naval Special Warfare Development Group) and other Special Forces, the weapons short barrel is useful in CQBR conditions, however the shorter barrel limits longer range accuracy. The supplied weapon comprises of three main components, stock, receiver and barrel assembly. The weapon has a brass CNC machined flash suppressor that drops into the end of the barrel, and a resin weapon sight. The supplied weapon sight is a HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight (HDS), this type of sight is an electro optical sight that when used encourages the firer to keep both eyes open. Following some research the sight appears very detailed even down the correct placement of the switches. A resin Tactical Sling is supplied and the paper slip instructs the modeller to immerse the sling in hot water to form it to shape. The weapon has no pistol grip as this moulded into the right hand and gives the impression that the figure is firmly holding the weapon, with the left hand supporting the barrel.


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