N.Y. Bill Mandates Micro-Stamping Semi-Autos

TTAG’s Brad Kozak already did the dirty on the wisdom of micro-stamping ammo to catch bad guys. Mr. Kozak’s piece went straight to the heart of the matter: requiring that guns imprint spent ammo with an identifying mark wouldn’t work. Criminals could defeat the system with a metal file in seconds. Next? Not to fast, Mr. Bond. Despite the fact that micro-stamping is what’s technically called “a stupid idea,” despite the fact that there isn’t ONE gun manufacturer selling a weapon with the system, the New York legislature is proceeding with plans to require all semi-automatic firearms sold in the state to perform heretofore unperformed micro-stamping. For real. Here’s the bill: A06468. Our good friends at Ammoland are not amused. “If passed, the availability of semi-automatic handguns in New York could be in jeopardy, as manufacturers simply may choose not to build or sell firearms for purchase in the state, which, of course is the goal of this legislation.” I’m not quite so paranoid. But I’d consider buying stock in revolver specialists Smith & Wesson and Charter Arms if this turkey somehow manages to fly. Not personally, as that would compromise my integrity. I’m talking about you, mister.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    There is another case currently in court in New York that bans certain colors of handguns in New York- without a grandfathering clause. Bring in your gold plated Desert Eagle and kiss it goodbye- just like Britain. Luckily, there is a vocal coalition of gun advocates who are fighting the case with their own money.

    I have learned ANYTHING can happen in New York. One gun store counter clerk had the advice of "When Bloomberg comes knockin', my AR will be rockin'." However, it would be more effective to show the merits of firearms to protect our 2A rights.

  2. avatar 2004done says:

    I “live” in NY, unless I sell my home, I can’t afford to leave, but who would buy a house in upstate NY? With apologies to Joseph Heller, many in NY are caught in this cuomo-22, without a Swedish shore to escape to.

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