Mexican Police Confiscate Drug Lord Nava Valencia’s Diamond Studded Guns reports that Jalisco police have confiscated “31 gold and silver-plated handguns of varying calibre studded with diamonds and engraved with the name Lobo Valencia.” That would probably indicate that this serious lapse in taste belongs to Mexican drug kingpin (says so on his tax return) Nava Valencia. “Valencia is on a list of 24 drug bosses sought by Mexican law enforcement, which offers a $2.4 million reward in total for their capture. He is the right-hand man of Joaquin Guzman, who tops the wanted list, the statement said.” The fashion police are on the case. Obviously. More pics after the jump.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Finally, something to compete with the Hello Kitty AR!

    The prancing horse one would have suited Robert well a few years back…

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