Incendiary Image of the Day: iRevolver

[Instructions here.] Gun owners—or potential gun owners—looking for the “real” iPhone of guns are directed to Brett Solomon’s review of the Ruger LCP. Meanwhile, this, which gives the iPhone a distinctly Dirty Harry vibe. So far, the Internet commentariot are fixating on the possibility that an iRevolver user could get some serious shit from the police. But that’s besides the point. There’s nothing serious about this whimsical iPhone mod, ’cause pulling the trigger doesn’t do squat. If the iRevolver screen had a picture of a gun and the trigger triggered the relevant sound effect, then you’d have something dangerous. Make mine stainless steel with a Hogue grip and a working hammer, S&W style. And anyone who doesn’t see the humor here deserves to choke on their own outrage.

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