I’m Hunting With HIM

Or at least I’d like to be. From Happy Myles’ comment under an article on scope from “We Don’t Review Rifles That Suck” Gun Guys at Field & Stream:

It is more important to have an uncomplicated reticle for close work than a complicated one for long range work. Sixty five plus years of serious big game hunting, and I can count on two hands the times I have needed to work out long range shooting. I define that as 500 plus yards. More often an agile, quick animal gets away at close range or a mad, dangerous one is sitting on top of you because your scope is on too high power or the reticle is to complex. Recently, as a few weeks ago, killed a charging bull forest elephant [not shown, obviously] crashing unexpectedly through dense, jungle foliage, all you could see were patches of black and a flash of tusks. Fortunately, I had my simple Duplex Leupold on 1 and a half power and things worked out fine, plus a little excitement for icing on the cake.

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