Hornaday Superformance Ammo Hits NRA’s Bullseye

In Internet terms, the 2010 National Rifle Association (NRA) convention is ancient history. But the disruption in the PR force is great, what with so much time, money and effort expended in so small a time-space continuum. Our good friends at Hornaday have just gotten ’round to press releasing the glad tidings that the NRA has bestowed Superformance™ ammo with not one but two Golden Bullseye Awards for “Ammunition Product of the Year.” The gun right group’s American Rifleman and American Hunter mags gave the Nebraska bullet maker the gongs. And why not? Superformance™ is “loaded with cutting-edge propellants that are custom blended to increase velocities up to 200 fps without extra chamber pressure, recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling or loss of accuracy.” Although we have yet to set firing pin to primer, we are reliably informed that the cartridge has “Exceptional temperature sensitivity from -15 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit [which means it] suits every hunting environment, from sweltering desert to the frigid arctic.”  Coincidentally enough, both NRA mags are running articles showcasing Superformance™ ammunition in their May issues.

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