Guns-for-Flowers Program A Raging Success

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Instead of a counter-productive, high-profile, hypocritical, taxpayer-funded guns-for-cash program like the ones in Los Angeles and Chicago, clever people have completed a privately run flowers-for-gun program in Binghamton, New York. brings us the bright and cheerful news that necessity is the mother of common sense (on Mother’s Day, no less). “The St. James Peace/Justice Committee didn’t have the cash this year to pay people for turning in unwanted guns. But 18 handguns and long guns were handed over to the committee on Saturday in the parking lot of St. Cyril’s Church in Binghamton’s First Ward, said Jack Gilroy, co-chairman of the committee. Members gave out flowers in exchange for the weapons, Gilroy said. ‘Most people went away pretty happy,’ Gilroy said.” Your humble scribe is also pretty damn happy, as the program didn’t foster a white market in stolen guns. Nor did it piss away revenue—$6,000 last year—that could be used for more effective law enforcement-led anti-gun violence efforts.

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