Glock Donates $100K to the NRA

I reckon the U.S. firearms is almost entirely informed by mainstream media’s advertising ban has created an almost entirely insular industry. Forbidden from recruiting (yes, recruiting) outside the box, a gun maker’s existing customers are not only their best customers, they’re practically their only customers. (I don’t have the stats to back this up, but I bet that most of the’ new customers replacing the old ones are largely the children of the old ones.) In other words, it’s a relatively stagnant market where the majority of a gun maker’s customers are extremely loyal AND buy a LOT of guns. Anyway, the NRA benefits from this set-up. When it comes to access to/support from the existing firearms marketplace, there’s the NRA and then there’s TTAG. Just kidding. Everyone else. It works on the cultural level as well. Gunmakers are perfectly aligned with the NRA’s anti anti-gun perspective. Obviously. All of which is a preamble to today’s “we know which side of our bread is buttered” donation of $100k (this check, another couple and a bunch o’ guns) from Glock. No question: it’s money well spent. The only weird thing: the NRA blog doesn’t mention the Glock reps by name. I wonder why.

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