Glock Dodges Massive Liability Bullet

In 1999, white supremacist and B2 bomber engineer Buford Furrow entered a Jewish Community center in Grenada Hills (CA) and shot and killed Post Office employee Joseph Ileto with a Glock 26 [above]. Furrow also wounded two adults and three children. The Examiner takes up the story. “In 2001, the shooting victims and Ileto’s wife filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers, marketers, importers, distributors, and sellers of the firearms related to Furrow’s shooting spree. They alleged that those defendants intentionally produced, marketed, distributed, and sold more firearms than the legitimate market demanded, in order to take advantage of re-sales to distributors that they know or should know will, in turn, sell to illegal buyers. They also alleged that Defendants’ ‘deliberate and reckless’ marketing and distribution strategies created an undue risk that their firearms would be obtained by illegal purchasers for criminal purposes.” Uh-huh. Uh . . . no. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the final appeal. Which pleased the National Rifle Association no end . . .

“This is the right decision. Greedy trial lawyers and the gun control lobby concocted these bogus lawsuits as a means of destroying the Second Amendment through bankrupting the American firearms industry. Thanks to this law, firearms manufacturers and dealers cannot be held responsible for the acts of heinous criminals,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

So no tobacco-style payout for the shysters then. And no recourse for gun control advocates hoping for a big ass stick with which to pummel gunmakers doing business in these here United States. What’s the bet tat the [un]holy alliance of “no win, no fee” lawyers and gun control zealots will try again? Oh, and I think there should be a two hour waiting period for fast food, in case you were wondering.

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