Five More Hutaree Militia Members May Be Released Pending Trial

As TTAG’s reported before, the FBI’s case against the Hutaree Militia is looking dicier than a casino full of craps tables. When attempting to keep four members of the group incarcerated, the FBI agent in charge of the case had a major memory meltdown on the witness stand. And then the feds suddenly dropped their objections to the judge’s decision to set three four Hutarees free (with various conditions). A fourth Hut dude is due out this Wednesday. And now the AP reports that “lawyers for five Midwest militia members are facing a deadline to tell a federal appeals court why the men should be released from jail until trial.” Put another way . . .

The government is trying to keep the remaining five militia members in the hoosegow, against increasing odds that the men accused of “conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States and the attempted use of weapons of mass destruction” will follow their brothers to freedom, however temporary. This case, once the darling of the Tea Party-hating left, is not going well for Uncle Sam.

Methinks the may be a mole in their midst—which one of these things is not like the other?—who did the entrapment thing, but good. Well, bad. Or decided not to play ball. Anyway, will the punditocracy rescind their misleading remarks if the case falls apart? Cue Mandarkian laugh.


  1. avatar Donal Fagan says:

    Which one's Jabba?

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