Firearms-Related Sexist Claptrap Continues

Every now and then, the mainstream media wants to do a gun-related news story that doesn’t involve a dead person. The most ancient chestnut in this “we’re not all pro-gun control all the time” media misegos: women use guns too! I suspect that the can’t-kill-it-with-a-stick-osity of this story amongst local newscasters comes down to lady journalists’ realization that stalkers heart newsbabes. Anyway, here’s a classic example of the genre, with the usual concerned citizen caveats. “When it comes to guns, a lot of women are afraid to even get near them,” WOAI’s long-suffering news writer reports. “They can be intimidating and have the potential to be dangerous, especially around children. But there are many women out there who are interested in carrying guns for protection. So, News 4 WOAI’s Delaine Mathieu went to Dury’s Gun Shop on the Southeast side to find out how the process of getting a gun works.”

She learned that, before you ever even pick one up, you have to fill out the 4473 form for a back ground [sic] check. Then, you go shopping. Hand guns range from 400 to a thousand dollars and there are quite a few to choose from: pink guns, automatics and laser guns. Betty Dury, who owns the shop, says the revolvers are easier to use for women. The automatics take some time and muscle to load.”

Whoa! Laser guns? Cool! Can you get one of those in pink? And women are in more of a hurry than men? And don’t have enough strength to load a magazine? Tell that to the Sabras. Imagine the reaction if a man had said those words . . .


  1. avatar Donal Fagan says:

    I see a Mitsubishi Eclipse that color every so often. We call it the Pepto Bismol Car.

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