Ex-Crack Addict and Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry on Gun Control, Amongst Others


  1. avatar Arthur Steadman says:

    I worked and lived in DC from 1982 to 2000. Almost all of the men and women I just saw in that video were obviously sincere and have lived with things few people can imagine. They are right to want to get guns off the streets. But the guns they want off the streets belong to the crews. I worked with law-abiding citizens who carried illegaly and said, "I'd rather be judged by 12 of my peers than by carried by 6 of my loved ones." Earlier, I said, "almost all." All I can say is that armed DC police officer bodyguards escorted then-Mayor Marion Barry all around the District while he did things like go to a hotel to meet a woman who was not his wife and do things like smoke crack cocaine. He went to prison for it. Do some research on what allegedly happened on prison

    visiting-days in front of women and children. After Barry got out, the voters of DC

    re-elected him to the city council. The men, women, and kids in the video I just watched deserve the safety and the quality of life so many of us enjoy. They do NOT deserve Marion Barry.

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