Elephant Trampling Triggers Gun Grab

Sometimes not even TTAG can improve on journalistic perfection. Here’s an example from the Press Trust of India:

A man was trampled to death by an elephant triggering a clash between villagers and forest guards at Bishanpur Kundi village of Haridwar district today, police said.

The incident took place when the man was quarrying sand on the bank of Ganga river when suddenly the elephant came rushing and began thrashing him. The man died on the spot.

Soon, forest guards reached the spot to ascertain the incident. However, the forest guards were gheraoed by villagers who were upset over the incident.

A clash ensued between villagers and forest guards in which some of the forest guards were injured. The villagers snatched the rifles of the guards and ran away, said Roshan lal SP (Rural) Haridwar.

The police have arrested 24 villagers in this regard, he said.

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