Colorado State University Rescinds Gun Ban

The Denver Post reports that the Colorado State University (CSU) Board of Governors has rescinded a system-wide ban on concealed weapons. CSU’s decision follows the Colorado Court of Appeals ruling in April that struck down a similar ban at the University of Colorado. The Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vowed to kick any school’s ass—I mean, pursue immediate legal recourse against any Rocky Mountain state educational institution that dares defy the will of the Colorado Supreme Court. Dudley Brown puts it down. “They didn’t have a legal leg to stand on,” Brown said. “We are now going to track the policy of every secondary education campus in the state – every community college, every university, all of them – and file suit against those who attempt to violate Colorado law.” AND he wants them to show appropriate gratitude. “The citizens, students and faculty at these facilities should thank the members and donors of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the organization responsible for correcting these errant bureaucrats, and Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, who put a lot of hard work into this battle.”

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