Chicago Cops Take 20 Minutes to Respond to Armed Robbery 5 Minutes Away

As you may know (even if you haven’t seen the video above), the government is under no obligation to protect you. None. Of course, that doesn’t stop private citizens from suing the government when they fail to serve and protect, as it promises on the Chicago police badge. In this case, “Michael Norton, formerly of unincorporated Glen Ellyn, was found in the rear of his store with a bullet through the back of his head and his hands bound in May of 2009. At least one witness immediately called 911 to report that people with ski masks and guns were trying to rob the store on North Avenue, according to the suit. The suit says that the nearest police station was five minutes away, but police didn’t arrive for nearly 20 minutes, which demonstrates reckless disregard for the welfare of the deceased.” Some of you might suggest that the shopkeeper would have had a better chance of survival if he’d been armed. And I wouldn’t argue the point.


  1. avatar Little A says:

    This Sh*t won’t happen in a a Free-Market Anarchy government.

  2. avatar Mike Betts says:

    The police station was 5 minutes away? I wonder why the police station didn’t respond because it was obviously closer than any of the police cars and officers on the road. You mean to tell me the cops aren’t like firemen who stay at the station in between calls and respond instantly when a call comes in? What? It’s not all that unusual that all of the cops in a given area are tied up with serious calls and can’t break away for another serious call and they have to send cops from another area, so it takes longer for the responding officer/s to arrive? Well, I’ll be damned. You coulda fooled me …..(Yeah, it was written by a very sarcastic retired cop.)

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