Champion Colossus at NRA: Is It Safe Yet?

Champion Safes are not, as a rule, gigantic. Although we’ve heard talk of a trend towards double door gun safes (we need to get out more), Champion’s biggest standard unit is 50″ x 72¼” x 28½”. That said, they’ve sold three examples of the Colossus: 72″  =X 120″ X 48″ deep (240 cubic feet). The 4000 lbs. behemoth sports four-way active door bolts. Twenty-four 2.5″ bolts, to be precisem, encased in ten gauge steel. This bad boy’s yours to just $14,999 plus shipping. Sam reckons this box would make a great safe room (so to speak). Even with an interior handle, the idea gives me the creeps. Anyway, I ain’t yella.

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