Buy a Gun Get A Laser: Five-SeveN & Tech-Gear M3

TTAG hopes to review FN’s Five-SeveN pistol by June 15, 2010. Not because anyone who purchases the $1k or so weapon before mid-June gets a “free” $120 Insight Tech-Gear M3 tactical illuminator. We’ve simply never had the pleasure of firing a low-recoil 5.7 x 28mm cartridge. FN reckon’s the caliber makes the gun ideal for personal protection—despite the fact that you can’t get the firearm in a compact size—because the round is not prone to over-penetration. California-legal? You betcha! FN would also like you to know that “Per FBI data base 5 no U.S. Law Enforcement Officer has been injured or killed in the line of duty by 5.7x28mm projectiles since the introduction of this caliber in the United States, between 2003 and 2007.” Which may have a ittle something to do with the round’s widespread adoption, or lack thereof . . .

Obviously, the image above is designed to illustrate the whole home defense deal. This ad has been mocked on other, less entirely reverential websites. It is a little perplexing. Just because you’ve got a light on your gun doesn’t mean danger doesn’t hide in the dark, does it? Personally, I’ve got no problem with perfectly creased pajamas—as I’ve had them in my drawer as many times as I’ve fired the aforementioned 5.7 x 28mm cartridge (i.e. never). TMI?

Never mind the heat. Here’s the light: a firearm-mounted Insight Tech-Gear M3 tactical illuminator, first introduced in 1998. Unlike the Five-SeveN or its cartridge, Insight lights are the world’s most popular illumination accessory for law enforcement and personal defense-oriented firearm owners. You can download the owner’s manual here.

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