70k NRA Members vs. Seven Protestors. Guess Who Gets the Ink?

Thousands flock to NRA convention; not everyone agrees with their message. That’s the headline from wcnc.com. The thousands number 70. The protestors in question number seven. Seven people chose to demonstrate in front of the NRA ConFab to protest the gun group’s opposition to “closing the gun show loophole” (a.k.a. prohibiting private, unregistered firearms sales). Two of them [above] lay down to express their displeasure. Of course, the news channel swooped on the “opposing view”—well, seven—in the interests of fairness, and kinda forgot to mention the number of protesters. “A group calling itself ‘Protest Easy Guns” held one of its ‘lie down’ protests at the Convention Center Saturday afternoon. It’s a practice they’ve engaged in all over the country since the Virginia Tech murders. ‘Thirty-two of my fellow Virginians were murdered by an individual who had easy access to guns,’ said Abby Spangler, the group’s founder.” And not shot by a student subject to a gun ban. “’We believe the NRA consistently supports lax gun laws in the United States, which is allowing criminals and dangerous individuals access to easy guns,’ said Spangler. Essence Massey, one of the [seven] protesters, agreed. ‘We’re protesting —  not the guns, but the laws — we believe they need to be a little bit stronger.'” Thanks for clearing that up.


  1. avatar WW Paul says:

    Probably too crude, but I seem them laying there and all I can think is "What is the penality for public urination"?

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