58% of Americans OK With Concealed Carry; 41 % Cool With Open Carry

Rasmussen Reports. You decide. “A new national telephone survey finds that 41% of Adults are at least somewhat concerned about their safety in the presence of those who have ‘concealed carry’ gun permits. Fifty-eight percent (58%) don’t share that concern.” Yeah, yeah, I know. What the hell does “at least somewhat concerned”? More to the point, what was the question, exactly? Are you now or have you ever been a member of the party that opposes concealed carry? Meanwhile . . . “47% oppose so-called ‘open carry’ laws that would allow citizens to openly wear their guns in public. Forty-one percent (41%) favor laws.” Again, no question that the question is in question. Even so, that’s a pretty astounding stat. You’d think that Americans wouldn’t want to see gunslinger sauntering down Main Street like some . . . some . . . cop.

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