575,000 New York City Stop and Frisks Yields 762 Guns

The New York TImes reports that “Blacks and Latinos were nine times as likely as whites to be stopped by the police in New York City in 2009, but no more likely to be arrested.” Well thank God for that. Oh wait. That means that the cops are racist. Or not. Depending, I think. Now ask me if  care. OK, that was cold. Anyway . . . “The more than 575,000 stops of people in the city, a record number of what are known in police parlance as ‘stop and frisks,’ yielded 762 guns.” Wow, that’s a clunky sentence. And quite the result. In fact, “Police officials vigorously praise the stop-and-frisk policy as a cornerstone of their efforts to suppress crime. The stops led to 34,000 arrests and the seizing of more than 6,000 weapons other than guns, according to the center’s analysis. The police officials argue that the widespread use of the tactic has forced criminals to keep their guns at home and allowed the department to bank thousands of names in a database for detectives to mine in fighting future crimes.” They can argue that all they like but I’m not buying it. Interesting, though, that frisked miscreants were almost ten times more likely to carry a non-firearm weapon than a gun.

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